Standard Nutrition Services covers a lot of territory across the United States, but our employees are local. They are a part of the communities where they work and are familiar with the regional challenges that producers face. Many of our teams were raised in the agriculture industry or have family operations today, but we are also hiring people from outside of animal agriculture to ensure our expertise diversifies as the industry continues to evolve.

Because we truly believe that our employees are our greatest strength, our core values are aligned with personal values: Trust, Respect, Integrity, and Balance in one’s life are just a few of the values we live every day. We are committed to fostering a culture that promotes long-term career satisfaction and provides opportunity for the achievement of both personal and career goals.

Feed Mill Administrative Assistant - Waverly IA

The Administrative Assistant will help greet customers, process orders, help with grain delivery and generate weekly reporting. Work Monday-Friday, Full-time. 

Farrowing Department Lead - Emmetsburg IA

Lead 2-3 employees in the Farrowing Department. Prior experience with leadership and farrowing processes required. Work Monday-Friday, and alternating weekends and holidays. 

Feed Truck Driver - Waverly, IA

CDL driver to deliver feed to customer's livestock farms. Regular and consistent attendance is essential to the function of this position.  Work Monday-Friday, home daily. 

Maintenance Technician - Feed Mill - Emmetsburg IA

This role is responsible for performing routine preventative maintenance and repair tasks to ensure continued operation of our mill.  Does require on call. Prior maintenance experience required. 

Mid-shift Mill Production Technician - Feed Mill - Emmetsburg IA

This role is responsible for manufacturing feed along with loading and unloading product. Typical hours are 9am until close (7pm). 


Physical Requirements

In order to perform the essential functions of most jobs associated with Standard Nutrition Services, all applicants should be able to:

  • Stand, walk, and be on feet eight to 10 hours per day, or slightly more if needed
  • Frequently bend, reach, squat and kneel
  • Ability to climb over four foot gates easily
  • Frequently use one or both hands/arms to grasp or pull
  • Frequently lift objects weighing three to 40 pounds
  • Be able to hold a power wash wand with the force of the water running through it
  • Occasionally bend while pulling and/or lifting objects weighing up to approximately 100 pounds, or requiring approximately 100 pounds of force to move with assistance of another person if needed.


Driving Positions

Driving positions include but are not limited to:

  • Grow/finish (pickup truck)
  • Feed trucks (Class A CDL required)
  • Livestock hauling (Class A CDL required)

These positions require a valid and insurable drivers’ license. Offers for these positions will be made pending MVR approval which includes moving and severe violations within the past five years. The number and severity of violations determines insurability. More information about driving record requirements are available upon request.