Bringing integrated value to the independent producer.

Standard Nutrition Services is a renowned and trusted leader in the swine and poultry industries, providing each client with a complete solution to science-based, innovative and customized services. We provide hands-on expertise and advice in the areas of nutrition consulting, production management, and business services.

Nutrition Consulting

By utilizing industry leading technologies and research alliances, along with our nutrition team’s experience and a firm understanding of your operation and objectives, we work to design the right nutrition program for you.

Production Management

Our goal is to create the best production management system in the industry and make it accessible to our clients and partners. Through continuous improvement of management practices, proper training of personnel, and the utilization of data, our highly skilled team works to create the right solutions for your operation.

Business Services

Through an enterprise analysis, we can assist you in planning for the future as you broaden your business or consider integrating the next generation into your operation. With our financial performance accounting and risk management services, you will understand the impact of herd performance on the bottom line, make better decisions, and keep lenders informed.